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What is the Antitrust Law?

The goal of antitrust laws is to protect trade and commerce from restraints, monopolies, and fixed pricing and is primarily governed by the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the Federal Trade Commission. The purpose of antitrust laws is to prohibit unlawful mergers and business practices and protect the competition process for your overall benefit. Ultimately, this keeps operations effective, prices low, and quality high. 

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What Would be Considered a Violation of the Antitrust Law?

Violations of antitrust law include conspiracy in restraint of trade and any sort of monopolization. However, this isn’t as straightforward as it might seem since some agreements between two entities trying to partner in trade might be considered lawful under antitrust laws. Violations of antitrust laws include:

  • Arrangements Among Competing Businesses
  • Fixing Prices
  • Dividing Markets
  • Rigging Bids for Personal Favor
  • Using Unfair Methods of Competition

What Happens if My Rights are Violated Under the Antitrust Law?

Most antitrust issues arise when large companies are about to merge since they are often in the same industry. Their coming together might involve unfair business tactics or outcomes. 

Antitrust litigation can take on various forms and can be incredibly case specific. As a firm, Mizrahi Kroub has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we’ll work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

How Can an Antitrust Lawyer Help?

At Mizrahi Kroub, our antitrust lawyers act as a company’s corporate attorneys to mitigate any risks or concerns that might arise when the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission starts investigating mergers. If you’re a part of a smaller corporation or business, we can help you file complaints about unfair competition with the FTC. 

Hiring an experienced attorney can help ensure that the process of filing a complaint is done correctly and help you make the most persuasive case for government action. Having an attorney on your side can only help protect your rights and provide you with legal options.


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