October 12, 2023

Is There a Time Limit for Sexual Harassment Claims in New York?

New York has formulated laws and regulations to protect individuals from sexual harassment in various settings, including the workplace. If you have experienced harassment at work, you can file a sexual harassment claim to seek justice and prevent further harassment.

While several legal options are available, you need to file your claim within the appropriate time limit. This time limit is often referred to as the statute of limitations.

New York Sexual Harassment Statute of Limitations

This rule sets a time frame for filing a lawsuit for a sexual harassment claim. It establishes a deadline for initiating legal proceedings. In New York, you have up to three years from when the harassment occurred to file a lawsuit. Once the three years elapse, you generally lose your right to bring a sexual harassment lawsuit in New York.

However, the time limits may vary between state and federal laws. Understanding these laws is essential for your case. Missing the time limit under federal law does not necessarily mean you can not seek justice for sexual harassment. Sometimes, your state’s laws could provide an extended period to file your case before a state court.

Deadlines Under Federal Law

In New York, sexual harassment is illegal at both the state and federal levels. State and federal laws are available to protect employees who experience workplace sexual harassment.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids workplace harassment and works to protect workers from toxic working environments. If you experience sexual harassment in New York, you can pursue a federal complaint through the relevant authorities.

Those with complaints must file a charge of discrimination within 180 days of the alleged discriminatory act. Since New York has enforcement laws that cover sexual harassment, this period may extend to 300 days.

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Filing and proving a sexual harassment claim can be complex. However, there are multiple processes through which you can pursue justice, such as initiating a complaint with your boss, filing an EEOC charge of discrimination, or the New York Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR).

If none of these addresses the problem, you can bring a sexual harassment lawsuit in civil court. Understanding which is the best legal option can be challenging without the input of a qualified attorney.

New York employment lawyers can assist in employment law and advise you on the best legal recourse. They can help collect evidence, investigate your allegation, build a strong case, and guide you throughout the process.

If you have questions, contact us at (212) 595-6200 for a free consultation and see how our lawyers can help with your sexual harassment case in New York.

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