July 6, 2023

Preventing the "Summer Slide": Fun Activities for Children with IEPs

While summer break is important for students and their families for several reasons, the "summer slide" can often occur, and this can be especially detrimental for students who already struggle academically during the school year. 

Some studies indicate that learners can experience learning loss due to a lack of regular and educational stimulation during the long pause of summer vacation.

As a parent, engaging your child in summer activities that prevent summer slide is essential. Here are some fun activity ideas for children with IEPs:

  • Reading: Encourage reading during the summer by providing access to a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers. Visit the local library and participate in summer reading programs. Set aside regular reading time and discuss what they have read.
  • Writing: Encourage writing activities such as journaling, creative writing, or writing letters to family and friends. Encourage children to write about their summer experiences, create stories, or even start a blog.
  • Educational Apps and Websites: Explore educational apps and websites that provide interactive learning opportunities. Numerous educational platforms offer games, quizzes, and activities across various subjects.
  • Hands-on Science and Experiments: Engage children in fun science experiments that they can do at home. Many simple experiments can be conducted using household items. Encourage them to observe, ask questions, and explore scientific concepts.
  • Math Activities: Incorporate math into daily activities. For example, involve children in cooking or baking, where they can practice measuring ingredients. Play math games, solve puzzles, and encourage mental math exercises.
  • Field Trips and Educational Outings: Plan educational trips to museums, zoos, historical sites, or nature reserves. These outings provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences and can spark curiosity.
  • Summer Programs and Camps: Explore local summer programs or camps that offer academic enrichment. These programs often provide structured learning activities while incorporating fun and engaging elements.
  • Learning with Technology: Utilize educational software, online courses, or educational YouTube channels to supplement learning. There are many resources available that cover various subjects and grade levels.
  • Family Discussions and Debates: Encourage discussions and debates on current events, social issues, or interesting topics. This helps develop critical thinking, communication skills and keeps children engaged in learning during conversations.
  • Hands-on Arts and Crafts: Engage children in arts and crafts activities that promote creativity and imagination. They can draw, paint, build models, or do DIY projects.

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