November 27, 2023

When Should I Contact a Special Education Lawyer?

Every child deserves equal rights and access to education in a world that advocates for inclusivity. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the system falls short, and you may find your child struggling to receive the support they need within the educational system.

Whether your child faces obstacles due to developmental delay, a learning ability, or other special needs, you must advocate for their rights. A special education lawyer can be an invaluable asset when it comes to advocating for the rights of your children.

Under New York special education law, you can seek legal representation to fight for your child’s special education rights. The Individuals with Disability Education Act, or IDEA, gives parents the right to be represented by a lawyer during meetings, evaluations, and due process hearings. You can contact an attorney if:

  • Your child consistently experiences unfair treatment or exclusion within their school environment.
  • You notice a persistent lack of appropriate accommodations or modifications outlined in your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • You are met with resistance from the school administration, leaving you feeling helpless.

You Do Not Have to Navigate the School System Alone

When navigating the complex world of unique education systems, you do not have to face the challenges alone. Special education services involve a lot of legal jargon and complexities that may leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Hiring an attorney is essential for understanding the complex legal policies that apply to your child’s specific circumstances. An attorney will provide the support and guidance needed to ensure your child receives the quality education they deserve.

When the School Isn’t Serving Your Child, Contact Mizrahi Kroub Today

When the school fails to meet your child’s special education needs, contacting an attorney can ensure they receive the education they deserve. The legal team at Mizrahi Kroub LLP is well-versed in New York special education laws. We can provide guidance and preparation, ensuring your child’s needs are addressed and they receive quality education.

Protecting Your Child’s Future

Our New York special education law attorneys can work with you to protect your child’s future. The lawyers understand the rights accorded to children with special needs and can work to protect your child’s rights to quality education.

Your attorney can advocate for an IEP that meets your child’s unique needs and reflects their strengths and challenges. In case of any disputes between you and the school district, the attorney can also step in to mediate and address the problem.

Contact a New York Special Education Lawyer

If you believe your child’s rights to quality education are violated in New York, we can help you at Mizrahi Kroub LLP. Our attorneys can work with you to ensure your child’s rights are protected and they receive the education they are entitled to.

Contact us online or call (212) 595-6200 to speak to one of our New York special education lawyers and discover how we can help.

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