August 5, 2023

How Do I Report Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Racial discrimination is unfortunately prevalent in many workplaces, undermining the principles of equality, fairness, and diversity. Addressing racial discrimination is crucial to fostering inclusive work environments where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

By understanding the steps to address racial discrimination, you can empower yourself to take action and work towards creating workplaces free from discrimination.

What Does Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Look Like?

Racial discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. As an employee, it is essential to recognize inappropriate behavior so you can report it to the proper channels.

Some common examples of racial discrimination at work include:

  • Derogatory comments or insensitive remarks about your race, ethnicity, or skin color.
  • Being treated differently or held to different standards than coworkers of a different race.
  • Experiencing retaliation for reporting racial discrimination. Your employer cannot punish you for making a complaint.

How Do I Report Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

If you have experienced racial discrimination at work, do not keep it to yourself. Speaking up is the only way to enact real change and ensure a fair, inclusive work environment. Here are the steps to reporting racial discrimination in the workplace:

  • Document specific instances of discrimination. Write down dates, times, what was said or done, and who was involved. Get witness statements from coworkers if possible.
  • Report the issue to your company's human resources department or a manager. Explain what happened and provide any documentation. Request that they investigate the situation and take appropriate action. If they do not take your complaint seriously, you might need to pursue other options.
  • File a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. You must file a charge within 180 days of the discriminatory act.

How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

Employment lawyers specialize in handling workplace discrimination cases and can provide valuable assistance if you experience racial discrimination. They can:

  • Assess Your Case: An employment lawyer will evaluate the merits of your case and help you understand your rights and legal options.
  • Provide Legal Advice: They will guide you on the best course of action and how to navigate the reporting process, ensuring your rights are protected.
  • Advocate on Your Behalf: An employment lawyer can represent you in negotiations with your employer or during legal proceedings, advocating for your interests and seeking a resolution to the racial discrimination issue.
  • Pursue Legal Remedies: If necessary, your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against your employer and pursue legal remedies, such as compensation for damages and injunctive relief to stop discriminatory practices.

Contact a New York Employment Lawyer Today

Racial discrimination in the workplace is both distressing and unlawful. By recognizing the signs of discrimination, reporting incidents promptly, and seeking legal assistance, you can assert your rights and work towards a resolution. If you have experienced racial discrimination in the workplace, do not delay contacting a New York employment lawyer regarding your legal rights and options for pursuing a claim.

Mizrahi Kroub LLP is a dedicated law firm specializing in employment law, including workplace discrimination cases. Our team is committed to fighting for your rights and providing you with the support you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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